We're thrilled to be at Fediforum this week to present our latest tools! For the past year, we've been working on bringing distributed hosting to the Fediverse, to create better, more customizable social interactions built atop ActivityPub.

Come check out our talk on Wednesday March 20 in the morning, around 8:30am PT / 11:30am ET (the overall schedule is here).

Here's a sneak peek of our presentation:

  • No-code publishing to the distributed web: Sutty CMS is a graphical, user-friendly interface for static Jekyll-based websites. With a click on a toggle, you can publish your websites to IPFS, Hypercore, and of course, HTTP.

  • Social Inbox: Publish a profile and post your website's contents directly to the Fediverse. Other accounts can follow your websites, and replies to your Fedi posts can be moderated and published on your for sites through a back-end moderation panel on the Sutty CMS. It also allows instance-level allow lists and block lists. We've automated announcements so others can easily subscribe and follow your website posts on the Fediverse.

  • Social Reader: A new ActivityPub client that supports natively loading published data over p2p protocols, skipping the need for always-online HTTP servers for accessing content. It also gives you more precise controls over the content that you interact with.

We'd love to connect with you!

Especially if you're building or strategizing around:

  • Payments and sustainable funding on the Fediverse

  • Peer-to-peer and distributed publishing

  • Fediverse adoption by medium to large organizations

Hope to meet some of you there!